Our Vision

Can you imagine a world where everyone’s efforts are valued?

Can you imagine a fashion industry where every garment worker throughout the supply chain is paid the true value of their work?

Can you imagine wearing an item of clothing that does NOT contain any element of slave labour or harms the environment in any way?

We believe that such a world is possible.

We are seeing an increase in the number of new fashion brands basing their businesses on good ethical practices, respecting and honouring the workerswho create their clothes.

We believe that more and more people are looking for amazing clothes that do not cause harm to people or the planet.

Our Mission

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find out how their clothes are made and to understand the impact they have had throughout their lifespan, from creation to demise.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make informed and wise decisions when choosing the clothes they wear.

We want to make it as easy as possible for leaders, law makers, investors and activists to reach a consensus on proactive business models that ultimately benefit everyone.

The Fashion Revolution Manifesto

Our Manifesto is based on the Fashion Revolution Manifesto a movement and community to which we are proud to belong.


Fashion provides dignified work, from conception to creation to catwalk. It does not enslave, endanger, exploit, overwork, harass, abuse or discriminate against anyone. Fashion liberates worker and wearer and empowers everyone to stand up for their rights.


Fashion provides fair and equal pay. It enriches the livelihood of everyone working across the industry, from farm to shop floor. Fashion lifts people out of poverty, creates thriving societies and fulfils aspiration.


Fashion gives people a voice, making it possible to speak up without fear, join together in unity without repression and negotiate for better conditions at work and across communities.


Fashion respects culture and heritage. It fosters, celebrates and rewards skills and craftsmanship. It recognises creativity as its strongest asset. Fashion never appropriates without giving due credit or steals without permission. Fashion honours the artisan.


Fashion stands for solidarity, inclusiveness and democracy, regardless of race, class, gender, age, shape or ability. It champions diversity as crucial for success.


Fashion conserves and restores the environment. It does not deplete precious resources, degrade our soil, pollute our air and water or harm our health. Fashion protects the welfare of all living things and safeguards our diverse ecosystems.


Fashion never unnecessarily destroys or discards but mindfully redesigns and recuperates in a circular way. Fashion is repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled. Our wardrobes and landfills do not overflow with clothes that are coveted but not cherished, bought but not kept.


Fashion is transparent and accountable. Fashion embraces clarity and does not hide behind complexity nor rely upon trade secrets to derive value. Anyone, anywhere can find out how, where, by whom and under what conditions their clothing is made.


Fashion measures success by more than just sales and profits. Fashion places equal value on financial growth, human wellbeing and environmental sustainability.


Fashion lives to express, delight, reflect, protest, comfort, commiserate and share. Fashion never subjugates, denigrates, degrades, marginalises or compromises. Fashion celebrates life.

Our Founder

Tracey Dockree graduated with a first in Fashion Design at Falmouth University in 2015. Her graduate collection transformed a pile of old, unwanted socks into strikingly beautiful creations, showing how the least of things can be transformed into something special. Parade of Giants was cited as a benchmark for future fashion students and selected to be shown in the Zeitgeist Show at Brighton Fashion Week.

She founded the ETHICAL REBEL as a protest against fashion brands producing cheap and low quality ‘rags’ with no respect for their customers, the workers in their supply chain or the environment.

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