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Balu is an incredible new app that helps you discover hundreds of ethical and sustainable products.

While you shop, Balu searches its database for the very best ethical brands and lets you know your options. Then it’s up to you what you buy.

Balu does not ask you to stop searching with Google, or expect you to steer clear of the large e-commerce sites like Amazon, Argos and ASOS. Instead, you can continue to shop as you always have, safe in the knowledge that Balu will let you know what else is out there.

Balu gives a fair voice to hard working, industry-changing companies that simply can’t compete with the web dominance of the global brands.

There are so many companies working tirelessly to change the way their industry works. They are pioneering new techniques to create and reuse products, in a way that does not harm people or degrade our world.

But in our busy lives, we rely on powerful search engines and colossal distributors. And all too often the results they return force us to compromise on our values.

Balu was born out of frustration with this compromise.

Balu are a non-profit with a single aim: place the most sustainable, responsibly-sourced products side by side with the mainstream, so consumers can make their own decisions about what to buy.

Balu Web App Chrome Extension
Balu translates the web into ethical choices for the conscious consumer. While you shop like you always have, using the same tools, shops and searches that you’ve always used, Balu shows you safe, eco-friendly, and responsibly-sourced products.

Balu changes everything by changing nothing. You continue to shop, and Balu makes sure you find the very best brands out there.

Download the web app or take a look at their online directory, and enjoy ethical shopping made easy

Balu seeks out the very best in sustainable and ethically-sourced products.

These companies go out of their way to provide a high quality product in a way that does not damage our world.