Ethical rebels pose in Charlie's Angel style

The need for Ethical Rebels

The industrial revolution in Victorian England has been well documented by authors such as Charles Dickens and is generally associated with an era of abject poverty, abusive employers, high levels of pollution, dangerous factories with frequent accidents ...

Excerpt from a letter to the high street about garment worker pay and conditions

Letter to the High Street

Dear High Street, Before I buy any of your products please tell me whether the garment worker who produced your clothes:     •  is safe in their working environment     •  has freedom of movement   ...

Magazine feature on the need for Ethical Fashion

The need for Ethical Fashion

Consider everything you know about the industrial revolution in Victorian England: dangerous factories, workers forced to live in slums, abject poverty, abnormally low mortality rates, high levels of pollution. Those same conditions are now being experienced by an increasing number of countries throughout the world as retailers switch from buying products at fair prices to demanding cheaper products so they can make bigger profits or under-price to attract more customers. With each lower price poverty levels and the working conditions of the people who make our clothes deteriorate yet further.