A Story In T Shirts tshirt with map and quill
Timeline 67 is a story told over a series of t-shirts
A back story on a t-shirt
A t-shirt worn for street cred
Sea Monsters raise awareness of the true monster in the sea - plastic
Limited edition t-shirts tell a story over a series
A Story In T Shirts are carbon positive and each t-shirt sponsors a charity

A Story In T Shirts

A Story in T Shirts is a zero-waste social enterprise specialising in sustainable t-shirts that look good, feel good and do good.

Some t-shirts tell a short story. Some stories are told over a series of limited edition t-shirts. There are illustrations from stories and book covers. Or it may simply be an image that conveys a story without words.

The brand sources t-shirts that value all the garment workers throughout the supply chain. So it is important that employers treat them well and pay a fair living wage. They also check the processes farmers, mills, factories and printers use. These must benefit and not harm the environment.

The only exceptions are t-shirts the brand rescues from landfill and remakes into new t-shirts. These t-shirts are special as the social enterprise invests the profits from these back into the areas where any abuses may have occurred. They also raise awareness of the conditions the t-shirt was originally made in.

The brand is passionate about helping the overlooked and forgotten, the abused and neglected to have a fresh start in life. Every t-shirt design sponsors a charity which receives 25% of the sale price.

Timeline 67 tells a story over a series of limited edition t-shirts. These t-shirts sponsor charities or projects fighting slavery or supporting refugees.

Map Monsters is a series of monsters raising awareness of an even worse scourge – plastic. These t-shirts sponsor projects cleaning up our seas or fighting pollution.