Couple wearing brightly coloured Bushbell tops and trousers


Bushbells create bright, beautiful cotton kikoy clothing for inside, outside, beachside & fireside! All made in Kenya and sold in the UK to raise funds to improve educational opportunities in rural Watamu, Kenya.

Bushbells – A colourful purchase with a purpose!

The bright, bold, beautiful Bushbells collection began in 2009 as a modest attempt to support a small coastal community they care about. Mother and daughter team, who’d grown up and lived throughout East Africa, saw an opportunity to help fundraise for a small village school, as well as help their friend Sammy (one magnificent tailor) who had been widowed with three young children to support. Taking inspiration from the colourful coastal kikoy colours, and harnessing Sammy’s expertise to create beautiful clothes, they took pot luck at selling them in the UK. Demand exceeded all expectations… and so, Bushbells was born! Today, profits from all sales create the necessary funds for various educational projects.

Sammy and Bushbells tailors

So skilled, loyal and ever smiling, Sammy and his team of girls (Lilian, Ruth and Rehema) love what they do. The ongoing and regular work that Bushbells generates creates essential stability for them and their families in an area of high unemployment. Bushbells has also been able to support the education of their children.

Buy books and build classrooms

Profits from sales enable Bushbells to build classrooms. One village school is complete and a second is under development. Books keep the pupils on target with the national curriculum, and bursaries help the poorest in the communities attend school.

Provide a vital daily meal

Each year Bushbells have been able to fund a vital daily mug of posho at the Breakfast Club, which provides essential nutrition, and encourages attendance levels at school.

Secure a future for our bead and leather workers

Enoch’s leather workshop was completely rebuilt in 2016, thanks to Bushbells funding. Now on a permanent site, Enoch has been able to expand his leatherworks and repair business. He loves that his shop is now secure and dry and he’s been able to expand his workforce giving employment in his local community.