Model wearing Celtic & Co jacket and boots

Celtic & Co

Celtic & Co has been an eco-friendly company since it first began in 1990. They chooses suppliers who provide quality, natural materials and use ethical sourcing and manufacture.

Almost all Celtic & Co products are made in Great Britain, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local manufacturing industries.

A team of skilled craftspeople hand-make their sheepskin footwear in their Cornish factory. They are made to last using the highest quality standards.

The premium sheepskins are a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise go unused. Celtic & Co invests in quality products that will provide comfort and pleasure for years to come.

“At Celtic & Co we are passionate about the ethical manufacture of our products, working with UK suppliers where possible to provide the highest quality in a sustainable and ethical way. We will continue to verify the sourcing of all our materials to ensure we continue to meet the ethical and sustainable standards we believe in.”