Model in Fair-T wave t-shirt


Fair-T prints are inspired by extreme sports, travel and good music BUT, passionate about the conditions their clothes are made in. Their supply chain is transparent and certified by the Fairtrade Foundation as 100% ethical.

Fair-T is working with the Fairtrade Foundation to help re-write trading rules in the fashion industry to ensure workers are not exploited by current trading systems. They are helping businesses form working relationships based on honesty and respect and guarantee:

  • Farmers get a fair and stable price for their products
  • Workers on cotton plantations can now defend their rights and join unions
  • No forced child labour
  • No dangerous chemicals used
  • Small scale farms gain stronger positions in world markets
  • Closer links between consumers and producers

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent, non-profit organisation working with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.

All Fair-T’s organic clothing, recycled clothing, Tencel and bamboo clothing are Fair Wear accredited.

“When you’re wearing a Fair-T product you will be making a difference to cotton farmers’ lives and the communities they live in.”