Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans products are made from 100% organic cotton denim. Nudie Jeans repair, resell and recycle old jeans.

“It is a deeply rooted part of Nudie Jeans to encourage the care of things that actually get more beautiful as they age.”

“At Nudie Jeans we want to be fully transparent, from cotton field to ready-made garment. This means we have to know and trust all our suppliers….. visiting cotton fields, joining the Chetna Coalition and doing more to pay our own share of living wages at our suppliers in India.” Joakim Levin (Co-founder)

Nudie Jeans is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which works to secure living wages for garment workers, and their Fairtrade cotton is bought from Chetna Organic, which works with small and marginal farmers to improve their livelihood possibilities.

Nudie Jeans joined forces with a number of other brands to form the Chetna Coalition in 2015, which improves the organic cotton supply chain by planning their procurement for the following year. Their requirements are communicated to the farmers within Chetna Organic who are then able to plan their farming as they know they will have a market for the cotton they grow. At the same time the brands have an assured source of organic fabric when planning their products.