Outland Denim jacket and skirt

Outland Denim

Outland Denim make jeans from the very finest materials. They use industry-leading technology that reduces water and energy consumption. Their designers choose every button, rivet, and stitch very carefully. Every component is researched as safe for the environment. Every supplier must mitigate the risk of exploitation in their supply chain.
Outland Denim began by providing training and employment to women who have experienced exploitation.  They equip the women with skills, living wages and education: sustainable career paths. This and a holistic approach to supporting staff has resulted in true social change for them and their families and communities.

“Today we have opened our doors to welcome over 100 staff from varying backgrounds of vulnerability. We know each of them by name, and with them we have been able to create a product of a premium standard worn and loved by people the world over.  

Our environmental mission began in earnest following on from our social mission, as some of the world’s most vulnerable peoples are also affected the most by environmental degradation.  

Today we have a unique business model that proves that the fashion industry can be the solution to some of the world’s most pressing global social and environmental issues.”

James Bartle, Founding CEO, Outland Denim