Models wearing Thraedable t-shirts
Thraedable's impact for social projects in numbers
T-shirts featuring artwork by refugees


Thrǣdable is a social enterprise turning stories into ethical clothes to support social projects.

They partner with organisations to provide workshops in a safe and stress-free environment. Here the attendees can express themselves and their stories creatively. For many this may be the first time they experience their voice being heard. All artwork is showcased in local exhibitions, providing them with a public platform.

These stories are then turned into clothing. Artwork is selected to be featured on t-shirts and bags. Thrǣdable sources and sells these at their own cost, so that the partnering organisations bear zero financial risk. 50% of gross profit is then given to the relevant organisation to fund further work needed to support their beneficiaries.

With each line, Thrǣdable raises awareness of the partner organisation being supported and the issues they tackle.