upcycled silk braidwork
upcycled silk applique
corn fibre
recycled tin


Extends the life of silkworms:
Silk upcycling is the forte – silk threads are removed from landfill-bound sarees, and recycled as hand embroidery in all pieces. Watch the silk recycling process.

Eco-friendly products:
Base fabrics are 100% biodegradable and made from orange pulp, banana fibre, lotus stem, corn leaves or recycled cotton.

Addresses water pollution:
Plant-based dyeing ensures zy-lk doesn’t contribute to chemical effluents being released into potable water.

Transforms lives of vulnerable women:
Works with hearing and speech-impaired women, prone to workplace harassment and domestic violence otherwise.

Encourages cradle-to-cradle economy:
Recycled paper packaging, recycled tin buttons, recycled plastic threads, are the literal meaning of circular fashion

Minimal impact to the environment:
Free carbon neutral shipping worldwide with no minimums, and a made-to-order business model ensure least environmental impact.