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Good On You is a free, user-friendly App that rates brands on their ethics towards people, the planet and animals. Simply enter a brand name to find out how well it performs.

In the settings you can decide which issues are important to you and the results are graded accordingly. Both High Street and online brands are included. The key criteria is transparency and there are some surprising results. But if a brand you were going to buy from isn’t as ethical as your conscience requires, then the App can also suggest other brands that are ethical.

Brands are encouraged to be transparent and to publish full details of labour conditions, sourcing strategies, suppliers, environmental and animal protection policies and impacts, and the labour, environment and animal expectations placed on their suppliers. Good On You reviews the brand’s public statements, certification schemes like Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX STeP and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and other independent rating projects. They also consider if brands are taking positive steps – such as providing industry leadership on issues – or whether they engage in ‘negative citizenship’ like lobbying against legislation to increase transparency or reduce harm.

Good On You isn’t paid by brands and doesn’t take any commission from sales for any brands included on the App. Good On You is a non-profit organisation created by Ethical Consumers Australia (a registered charity).