Hideous Peace t-shirt winner

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Congratulations to Theresa, winner of our Hideous Peace t-shirt by Mr Hideous.

The t-shirt is certified organic and made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria (GOTS DK25920).

The designer, Mr Hideous, is an anonymous artist, now based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north-east of England. Previously well known in the fashion and art world, he created the Hideous range to rebel against the “fast fashion” industry and its mass production, synthetic materials, exploitation of workers and waste. He vowed that Hideous would be a forerunner in the ethical, sustainable fashion movement. Anonymity and privacy are paramount to Mr Hideous.

Despite the name, ethics are very important to Mr Hideous. They strongly believe in organic, sustainable fashion. All their designs are produced from organic materials in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory. They are then hand finished using low waste printing technology in a UK factory which is powered entirely by renewables, mostly on-site solar. They have a traceable supply chain which means you can find the details about where each item is made, who made it and how it got there.

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