Launch of the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine

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We are very excited to launch the very first issue of the ETHICAL REBEL magazine.

We look at wage slavery (the use of sweatshops and trafficking in the supply chain) and the brands making a difference, ensuring that their garment workers receive a fair living wage: Fair-T, Nudie Jeans and Bibico.

What are the effects of pollution generated by the fashion industry on the environment? Is it necessary? Bojest and RockulatR show how they eliminate pollutants from their supply chain.

Can we rebuild a local fashion industry? Brands that source locally are more likely to pay a fair living wage and have a reduced carbon footprint. We introduce you to UK local brands: Ally Bee Knitwear, brm, Celtic & Co and Sue Me.

Future Plans:

In future issues we plan to unpick, among other things: how pricing wars undermine your pay and the economy; the psychology of advertising; the use of undersized and underage fashion models; model abuse; lack of real-size models; design theft; and manipulative marketing.

More to explore

#whomademyclothes magazine

The Ethical Rebel Crowfunder campaign #whomademyclothes ends at 4:22pm on Sunday 3rd May 2020. Pledge as little as £3 to get a copy of the magazine.

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