Sustainable Fashion Directory website

Sustainable Fashion Directory

The Sustainable Fashion Directory now has over 200 entries. Created by Christelle Lachapelle for people who want to shop more responsibly and to buy clothing that hasn’t hurt the environment or fellow human beings.

“There are a lot of different ways that companies can be responsible and everyone focusses on different things. I think every little bit helps, and no fashion is really “sustainable” I suppose. I try not to judge. For example, there are companies who use “Vegan Leather” but that’s usually a petroleum product, right? Versus companies who make things with veggie tanned leather but are still using animal products. At this stage, I think it’s important that people are thinking about it all and making positive steps even if they are baby steps.”

Christelle Lachapelle Brands fill out their own listings and select categories when they apply. There are categories to suit whatever you are looking for and if you can’t find it you can contact Christelle and she’ll look at sorting something out for you.

The website also includes a Sustainable Reading List for those wanting to find out more and the blog includes brilliant interviews with designers about how they started up and the issues they’re trying to tackle.

Everything is laid out simply and elegantly and we highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter to keep up to date with new brands being added.